ACCA Industry Statement On The Future Of Work: Future-Proof Technology Policies Are Key To Asia Pacific Harnessing The Future Of Work


Cloud technologies are radically transforming the nature of work. Policy-driven change management for digital transformation will help Asia Pacific adapt and lead the global digital economy of tomorrow.

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 12 February 2018 – Future-proof technology policies are key to the Asia Pacific region harnessing the future of work, says the Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA). Releasing an Industry Statement on the Future of Work, the ACCA recognises that rapidly evolving technologies pose unique challenges to governments, and urges policymakers, regulators, and academics to ramp up the dialogue and preparation for the global digital economy of tomorrow.

“Cloud computing has been driving tremendous change over the last eight years,” says Bernie Trudel, Chair of the ACCA. “From the Internet of Things to artificial intelligence, it has fuelled today’s advancements in automation, interconnectivity, and interoperability — effectively re-defining work in the digital age.”

But harnessing its full potential requires a number of cultural, technological, and policy changes. This is especially true for Asia Pacific economies, where new business models and opportunities hinge on governments’ ability to arm workers and organisations with the necessary digital skills, tools, and frameworks.


“The ACCA is helping governments around the region obtain the information they need to take an informed approach to transformative technologies,” says Barbara Navarro, ACCA Exco Member. “This includes showing how cloud services can have a positive impact on businesses and the economy as a whole.”

“ACCA members recognise there is an increasing interest in future-proofing technology policies for the workplace,” adds Eric Hui, Vice-Chair of the ACCA. “This has led them to draw up five key recommendations for governments to not only gain a holistic understanding of new technologies’ impact on the future of work, but also adopt innovative policies to effectively seize new business models and opportunities.”

“There is no better time to begin this conversation on the Future of Work,” concludes Lim May-Ann, Executive Director for the ACCA. “As new technologies push the ICT industry forward, governments, the private sector, and citizens must work closely to ensure continued and sustainable growth for Asia Pacific. As such, we welcome comments and engagements to help us build this next stage of our region’s future together.” (MOR)