CreditGo Launches Hong Kong’s First and Only Platform Focusing on Free Credit Score and Report


HONG KONG, CHINA – Media OutReach  – 8 November 2018 – CreditGo announced today the launch of a new web-based personalized credit score management and monitoring platform, the first and only platform in Hong Kong that offers consumers free access to their full personal credit scores and reports. The platform serves as an independent provider of resources and tools so they can now easily and quickly identify any suspicious activity as well as improve their scores and make progress towards their personal financial goals.

“At this juncture when data security is so important to all of us personally, we want to help people in Hong Kong identify new credit activity, be informed of changes in personal data and identify fraudulent activity to ensure that people can take control of their financial destiny,” said CreditGo’s General Manager Steven Di Vincenzo.

CreditGo, a part of CompareAsiaGroup, Asia’s leading financial management platform for banking and insurance, was created in response to the need for raising public awareness on the importance of credit score. According to a survey on Hong Kong Credit Score Report conducted in September 2017*, consumers in Hong Kong are highly aware of the concept of credit score, but lack knowledge of how it works.

97% of respondents to the survey have heard of credit score, but about half of them have very limited understanding of the use of credit scores and how it may influence their lives. Only 50% of respondents know the score’s impact on interest rate; and even less know its impact on employment. Over 70% of consumers consider obtaining their credit scores and reports in the future, and almost all of them want to know how the score impacts their lives. CreditGo helps consumers safeguard their financial welfare by increasing their awareness of credit score.


Consumers prefer getting information about saving and financial health through independent third parties. Even people that currently have both personal loans and home loans still say they will apply for a new loan in the next 12 months. Thus, it is paramount that people have a complete understanding of their credit profiles.

Furthermore, over two-thirds of consumers in Hong Kong are concerned or very concerned about the privacy of data within their credit report. CreditGo’s infrastructure puts data security and customer protection at the heart of all decisions ensuring consumer peace of mind. CreditGo is the first and only platform in Hong Kong allowing consumers to get full personal credit reports directly from TransUnion through an API (Application Programming Interface) free of charge. Consumers can check their score an unlimited number of times and it’s completely 100% free.

“Frequent access to credit reports and scores will help people take control of their credit and financial health. The survey shows the importance of educating consumers on the importance of their credit health and with CreditGo people have access to educational resources and planning tools. Managing finances can be frustrating but our ultimate goal is to offer everyone a delightful experience while they secure and build healthier financial lives,” added Di Vincenzo.

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*According to the Hong Kong Credit Score Report prepared in September 2017 by CSG for CompareAsiaGroup, which surveyed over 300 respondents.

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