Gelam Gallery Alive November 2019


SINGAPORE – 7th November 2019 – Gelam Gallery Alive, organized by Colorinc Pte Ltd and supported by Singapore Tourist Board, is a lively arts and craft market with numerous performances. This event will be held at the recently opened first ever outdoor art gallery Gelam Gallery @ Muscat Street over 2 weekends in November, 16-17 November and 23-24 November 2019. The opening hours are 4pm to 10pm. Free entrance.

Visitors can visit this unique gallery and at the same time participate in the various art and craft demos like dried flowers arrangements, the art of macramé, hand-painted bags, silkscreen painting on bags, scarves, accessories, crochet dolls and clay art, etc… For performances, be entertained by the juggling and mime artists, dancers and other performing artists throughout the 2 weekends.

The Singapore Wellness Association will also be joining us with its Lovestreets program. Since 2017, Lovestreets has popped up at multiple festivals inviting passers-by to express their feelings, wishes and talents on the Love canopy. This will be the same on 16, 17 and 24 November.

On 23 November only, dating or married couples are invited to bring a little momento or photo to Gelam Gallery Alive from 7-10pm to make and decorate little time capsules for themselves to be hung up and lit on the Love canopy. For those who register at the Lovestreets website, your time capsules will be collected and kept for 10 years and opened at a special party on 14 February 2029.


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